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You are welcome to read about my professional background on LinkedIn, and to contact me there if you’d like to discuss a project — although please don’t send a connection request unless we’ve actually interacted in person.

Current work includes:

These publications might also be of interest:

…Partners, Colleagues, Friends

I’m blessed to work with a plethora of wonderful people and companies. Most of you know who you are :) Of particular note, though in no particular order

…This Site

At some point I might write some more posts about the architecture of the site. For now, know that it is built using Hugo, and hosted via Cloudflare Pages. The decision making process was (roughly) as follows:

I want to own and control my own content hence I need to publish my own pages (leaving open the possibility of linking to them from or republishing them on other sites such as LinkedIn).

I don’t have time to build or manage webpages myself anymore hence I need a publishing tool or framework and markdown would be optimal.

I want minimal infrastructure and I want easy portabilty and I’m basically just posting text hence static publishing is a good fit.

Longevity is important hence low cost is useful. (Static publishing also has a part to play here).

After that it was just a case of playing with some frameworks and some publishing/hosting options and seeing what I was most comfortable with. The answer, for now at least, turned out to be Hugo+Cloudflare Pages.

More recently, I’ve added some analytics support using Plausible. No cookies and fully compliant with GDPR inter alia, so it meets my privacy requirements. Thus far, I’m very impressed with the ease of set-up and the quality of the reports.